Casino Champion announces a fiery tournament for 120,000 rubles

Do you remember how you already proved yourself to be a real winner in the action "Island of Heroes": you swam with sharks, fearlessly walked over an abyss, tried first-class bungee jumping? Want something sharper? We have prepared for you an unforgettable experience in the new "Hot Walk" tournament for 120,000 RUB and 50 tickets. Live with sparkle, be careful and you will reach one of 20 prizes! Bet from 9 RUB on the amount of winnings.

  • 1st place - 27,000 RUB
  • 2nd place - 19,000 RUB
  • 3rd place - 14,000 RUB

Promotion will last from May 28 to June 4 on the Casino Champion website.

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